Goldendoodle Exercise Needs | Puppy, Adult, Senior


Goldendoodle Exercise Needs | Puppy, Adult, Senior

Aside from understanding the basic requirements, you have to learn about the Goldendoodle exercise needs if you are interested in keeping this designer dog breed. Goldendoodles combine the Poodle’s allergy-free coat and high intelligence and the sweet character of Golden Retrievers, their parent breeds.

The dogs are packed with energy, which is why you need to find the proper Goldendoodle exercise to keep up with their hyperactivity. They need to get a suitable amount of physical activity depending on their personality, size, and age.

Finding the right exercise for Goldendoodle will keep them well-behaved, happy, and healthy. However, too much physical activity is bad for your dog. 

This guide can help understand how much exercise does a Goldendoodle need and the kinds of physical activities they will enjoy without compromising their safety.


Goldendoodle Exercise Requirements

How much exercise does a Goldendoodle need? The answer to the question depends on many factors, including the following:

The size of your dog

Size matters when it comes to the exercises needed for Goldendoodles. For example, a mini Goldendoodle can weigh 10 to 15 pounds as an adult, while a standard Goldendoodle can weigh 45 to 50 pounds. This means that a smaller dog would have to take more steps to finish a distance of a mile than a bigger dog. 

In taking a small dog out for a walk to suffice a Goldendoodle’s exercise needs, you can’t expect them to walk as fast as you do. You can’t also expect them to finish a track without getting tired or taking long breaks in between.

The age of your dog

The Goldendoodle puppy exercise needs vary during the first couple of years of its life. During the phase, they will require more time spent doing physical activities than the older dogs of the same breed.

So how much exercise Goldendoodle puppy needs? While young, you need to take them out for a 30-minute walk twice or thrice a day. You can take them out for a long walk, play in the backyard, or lead them around the house or toward the bathroom.

How often do Goldendoodles need to be walked? As much as possible, stick to the two to three times per day rule, especially when you have active puppies. 

As they grow older, the Goldendoodle exercise needs will also change. You can take them out for a short stroll in the neighborhood, run in the park, or play catch in the backyard.

How much exercise does a Goldendoodle need per day will depend on how active they are as they age. Many veterinarians recommend adding five minutes to their exercise routine each month and having them perform the tasks involved twice per day.



Types of exercises

In thinking about the exercises for Goldendoodles, you have to train them to do the movements properly. Improper execution of exercises can cause injuries to their joints. 

Aside from meeting the Goldendoodle exercise needs, you also have to teach your dogs to keep their feet on the ground while playing and running.

The Goldendoodle exercise requirements vary in the dogs’ size and age. As a puppy, you have to limit their jumping actions on high surfaces, including stairs, beds, couches, and furniture. Their joints are still developing, which can get damaged due to the repetitive high impact actions.

Do Goldendoodles Require a Lot of Exercise?


This breed needs sufficient exercise no matter their age, meaning you have to keep it in line with their size and how old your dog is.

Aside from being beneficial to health, the dog also learns proper puppy etiquette by playing. They also learn to associate the cause and effects of things. For example, they understand that when their toy gets into their drinking bowl, it gets wet.

So what are the adult, senior, and mini Goldendoodle exercise you can let your dogs do to burn off the energy and keep them healthy?

Here are some Goldendoodle exercises and games your dogs will enjoy:

  • Wrestling. Most dogs do gentle wrestling games with their littermates while young. You can recreate such a game as your dog gets older to engage them to play. While at it, you have to observe their reaction and correct their behavior whenever necessary.
  • Tug of war. This is a nice mini Goldendoodle exercise, but let your dog do all the tugging. Pulling too hard will hurt them, so you only have to play along as they tug and watch as they manage to pull a toy out of your grasp. You also have to let them win at times to make them happy and boost their confidence.
  • Fetch. This is an activity enjoyed by most dogs. For your Goldendoodle, make sure that you only throw the ball near you. You wouldn’t want your dog to get tired easily and suddenly drop from exhaustion.
  • Hide and seek. This game is mentally stimulating, and it’s an activity that you and your dog will enjoy doing.

How would you know that your dog has had enough exercise? They will let you know and be obvious about it. They can pant, slow down, or lie down to rest. The younger they are, the more rest they need between physical activities.


A Quick Overview of the Goldendoodle Exercise Needs 



Standard Goldendoodle
Mini Goldendoodle
Teacup/Toy Goldendoodle
8 weeks10 mins/1-3 times per day10 mins/1-3 times per day10 mins/1-3 times per day
12 weeks10 mins/1-3 times per day10 mins/1-3 times per day15 mins/1-3 times per day
16 weeks15 mins/1-3 times per day15 mins/1-3 times per day20 mins/1-3 times per day
5 months15 mins/1-3 times per day20 mins/1-3 times per day25 mins/1-3 times per day
6 to 12 months20 mins/1-3 times per day25 mins/1-3 times per day30 mins/1-3 times per day
12 to 18 months25 mins/1-3 times per day30 to 60 mins/1-2 times per day30 to 60 mins/1-2 times per day
18 to 24 months30 to 60 mins/1-2 times per day45 to 90 mins/1-2 times per day30 to 60 mins/1-2 times per day
2 Years (Adult)60 to 120 mins/1-2 times per dayday 45 to 90 mins/1-2 times per day30 to 60 mins/1-2 times per day
8 to 12 Years (Senior)30 to 60 mins/1-2 times per day30 to 45 mins/1-2 times per day20 to 30 mins/1-2 times per day



Goldendoodle is a mixed breed of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. It is a sweet and intelligent breed that is also active, so it has Goldendoodle exercise needs. The type of activities you can engage them in and how often and how long depend on their size, age, and overall health.

They are energetic dogs that need sufficient physical activities. Do you think you can keep up with the enthusiasm of this dog breed?


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