Tibetan Mastiff

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Tibetan Mastiffs

Breed Information, Personality & Facts

Tibetan Mastiffs are known for their impressive appearance and have been around for quite a while. They were used as guard dogs because of their alertness and lion-like looks.


Male Tibetan Mastiffs can grow up to a shoulder height of 26 inches, while females can grow up to 24 inches.


It is a giant dog breed, and the males can weigh as much as 160 pounds while the females can weigh up to 125 pounds.


As the name suggests, the Tibetan Mastiff originated in the peaceful lands of Tibet a very long time ago. Hence, there isn’t much information available about how they were bred or what was their originally intended purpose. But one thing is known for sure: they have always been considered mighty guard dogs.


These giant dogs have a royal and classy appearance, with coat colors varying between brown, chocolate, yellow, black, liver gold, grey, etc. But you can also find some Tibetan Mastiffs with a patterned coat. Nevertheless, their upper coat is thick, long and coarse, while the undercoat is heavy, soft and wool-like in texture.


Living Needs & Health Care

Tibetan Mastiffs do not require much attention when it comes to grooming or other needs. You just need to comb through their coat weekly to remove the dead hair and cells.


However, this dog breed needs proper space to play and enjoy, so make sure to take him out to parks regularly. You can also let it play in your backyard if it’s fenced.


Talking about health, Tibetan Mastiffs are usually healthy and stay fit if they are taken care of properly.


Exercise & Training

This dog breed is full of enthusiasm and energy, and that is why it is crucial to play with them regularly. Otherwise, they might find things to play with around your house, including your expensive gadgets.


Nevertheless, Tibetan Mastiffs are brilliant dogs and can grasp instructions quickly. Hence, they are highly trainable, but please note that obedience training won’t work for them. So, a naïve dog owner might face issues in handling and training a Tibetan Mastiff.



Given the size of this dog breed, 4-6 cups of good quality dog food or a home-cooked meal would be perfect. However, you can also change the quantity depending upon your dog’s activity level and age.



Independent would be the right word for describing Tibetan Mastiffs’ demeanor. This dog breed likes to be treated as a family member and not as a pet. It is very courageous, loyal, strong, intelligent and a friendly.

If you have trained and socialized this pooch from an early stage, you will not have any issue and can be sure that your kids are safe with your dog.


Fun Facts

⦁ It is believed that the Tibetan Mastiff was bred almost 5,000 years ago.
⦁ They are one of the giant dog breeds on the planet.
⦁ Tibetan Mastiffs have a lesser number of genetic problems when compared to other breeds.
⦁ They can live up to 14 years.