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Breed Information, Personality & Facts

Aussiedoodles are a cross between a poodle and an Australian Shepherd. These fluffy creatures are charming and one of a kind, with loads of love to spare.


The size of Aussiedoodles ranges from 10-15 inches in height


An average Aussidoodle is 25-70 pounds in weight.


In the late 1990s, designer breeders intentionally started mixing Poodles and Australian Shepherds.


This designer breed consists of a male Poodle and a female Australian Shepherd. It’s the perfect blend of smarts and high energy. So be ready, if not I am sure that this dog will motivate you to get out and play!

Aussiedoodles are a diverse Poodle breed and boast several texture variations and coat colors. Only the qualitative characteristics of their Australian Shepherd parent are present, while their coat colors come from their Poodle parent.


The color coat of an Aussiedoodle dog can range from white, tan, beige, grey, brown, red, black, and chocolate.


Apart from their soft and scruffy tricolor coat, their round eyes are strikingly expressive. Their eye color ranges from soft green, deep brown, bright blue, and light green. Some Aussiepoodles even develop heterochromia, an eye condition that causes multi-coloration of the iris.


Although both the parent, Australian Shepherd and Poodles, have long and narrow snouts, Aussiedoodles don’t. They usually have short muzzles, round heads, big noses, mustaches, and floppy ears.


Living Needs & Health Care
It’s often confused that a full-grown Aussiedoodle of 75 pounds would at least need a yard due to its strenuous exercise needs. However, that’s not true. Full-grown Aussiedoodles are also a great fit if you live in an apartment as long as you follow a good exercise plan.


Aussiedoodles are playful companions and need vigorous exercise due to their high energy levels. Furthermore, having a daily exercise plan for your Aussiedoodle will aid in keeping common health issues at bay.


Due to the playful nature of Aussidoodles, they don’t get sick very often. However, it always wise to maintain good care and routine veterinary check-ups as a preventive measures.



Since Aussiedoodles are athletic in nature, they need a good blend of healthy fats, animal-based proteins, vegetables, oatmeal, and carbs. However, this dog breed tends to gain weight. Therefore, you should not overfeed them and stick to a regular diet routine.


The temperament of an Aussiedoodle is loving and loyal. They are very energetic, have high stamina, and are easy to train. Training your Aussiedoodle early will bring out its best qualities in a short time.


Moreover, Aussiedoodles are very intelligent, so they need mental stimulation now and then. The high IO level of Aussidoodles are one of the many reasons behind their popularity among pet owners.


Fun Fact
⦁ Aussiedoodles are often claimed as hypoallergenic due to their Poodle heritage. However, this claim has yet to be backed by any scientific evidence since allergies are caused by dander, the dead skin shed by dogs.
⦁ Aussiedoodles make wonderful canine companions, especially for families with kids, because of their loyal, playful, and intelligent characteristics.