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Breed Information, Personality & Facts

Cavapoos are a crossbreed between Poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Resembling a stuffed toy animal, it qualifies as an intelligent breed of dog. If you prefer a gentle and friendly dog, this breed is the right choice.


Though there is no significant record of their lengths and sizes, Cavapoos can be about 9 – 14 inches in size as per the latest data.


These unique dogs weigh around 9 – 25 pounds.


A Cavapoo is a crossbreed between a Poodle and a Cavalier, King Charles Spaniel. The history of this breed is unfortunately not documented. However, it is commonly believed that this breed was developed in the 1950s in Australia.

Cavapoos are essentially small to medium-sized. The size of the Poodle parent determines its size. This breed is known for its diminutive appearance and can easily pass off as a stuffed toy animal. They do not outgrow the size of the bigger parent.


Cavapoos have a very soft coat that may be wavy or curly, courtesy of the Poodle parent. Since they have a Poodle parent, the coat does not tend to shed much.


They are found in a wide variety of colors – brown, chestnut, cream, and gold. Sometimes, it is possible to come across Cavapoos that have a combination of these colors.


Living Needs & Health Care
This sociable dog breed is friendly with children too. In fact, socialized Cavapoos are great with other dogs. They may inherit their parents’ health issues, something to be aware of.


These big-hearted small dogs may be blessed with the fur of the poodle parent. Thus, fortunately, may not require frequent trims and brushing.


Exercise & Training
Usually, the exercise requirements of Cavapoos are dependent on the parent. Besides, they are known to be highly energetic and require at least an hour of exercise each day.


Cavapoos are also clever like Poodles and require mental stimulation. Toys such as ropes and frisbees are of great help here. They can fit into any house, whether small or huge. If the house does not have a backyard, the pups need at least an hour’s exercise every day.


As stated, Cavapoos are intelligent, so they are easy to train as they follow commands quickly. They need verbal and positive reinforcements such as treats. However, they tend to have shorter attention spans while training. To overcome this issue, the training sessions must be short.


Cavapoos have a small appetite and generally eat only one small bowl of food in a day. Therefore, their meals need to be rich in nutrients. They tend to indulge in treats and may end up gaining weight.


Cavapoos have a versatile personality making them a general favorite. Commonly known to be gentle and kind, these dogs are very excited to see their human owners. They are highly sociable and thus cannot be left alone for long periods.


Fun Facts
⦁ The shade of Cavapoo fur changes as they grow older.
⦁ Some Cavapoos are hypoallergenic like their poodle parents.
⦁ Cavapoos make an excellent option for small service dogs.