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Breed Information, Personality & Facts

The mixed-breed Cockapoos come from Cocker Spaniels and Poodles. This furry creature is a small and hypoallergenic breed. Moreover, Cockapoos are as open to training as they are cute. Since this breed is odorless and hypoallergenic, it is an excellent fit for most households.


The size of Cockapoos is about 10 – 15 inches.


An average Cockapoo weighs about 6 – 19 pounds.


The first Cockapoo was created in the 1960s when a Cocker Spaniel was intentionally crossbred with a Poodle. The motive was to develop a hypoallergenic dog that was small and loving.

The appearance of Cockapoos cannot be ascertained since it depends on the size of the parent Poodle. However, miniature Poodles are most commonly used to create Cockapoos with Cocker Spaniels. Besides this, it is not easy to determine the Cockapoo’s coat. The dominant genes of either parent can significantly influence it.


Cockapoos can be found in many colors – cream, black, brown, white, and more. They can be multicolored too.


Living Needs & Health Care
Cockapoos are a very happy breed of dogs. As long as they have space to move around and exercise, they can settle into any home. Cockapoos love to play with everybody – elders, children, and everyone else.


They also love water and swimming, just like Poodles that were once used for duck hunting.


Similar to Poodles, Cockapoos do not shed a lot of hair. However, to prevent the matting of their coat, they should be brushed and combed daily. Ideally, they need a visit to the groomer at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks if they have curly fur. Although, if their fur is straight like a Cocker Spaniel, the groomer visits can be less frequent.


Since Cockapoos are generally odorless, they do not need to be bathed too frequently. They need bathing only when required.


Like their Cocker Spaniel parents, the Cockapoos’ ears also have to be checked regularly. If the ears remain wet from the moisture they trap, it can lead to infections. Besides this, their teeth need to be brushed regularly to prevent any buildup. As is common with most dog breeds, these paw friends require frequent nail trimmings.


Exercise & Training
Cockapoos are pretty active dogs and need intense playing sessions and regular walks to stay fit. They need to be trained early on when they are puppies. Luckily, they are receptive and open to training. However, they do require positive reinforcements through the process.


Cockapoos’ diets should be designed based on their size and age. As cockapoos grow older, their diets should contain low-fat food. Besides that, they should be fed twice a day.


Cockapoos get along with other pets such as cats, rabbits, and even other dogs. All you need to do is integrate Cockapoos into the household properly. After that, the Cockapoo can settle in with its happy, friendly nature.
Leaving Cockapoos alone in the home all day is not a good idea since they are most happy when around people. Cockapoos love to follow their owners around the house.


Fun Facts
⦁ Cockapoos make excellent therapy dogs.
⦁ Unlike most breeds, Cockapoos, fortunately, do not leave any smell on any household items such as the couch or other pieces of furniture.