Miniature Poodle

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Miniature Poodle

Breed Information, Personality & Facts

Miniature Poodles are a smaller version of Poodles known to be used for duck hunting. This breed caught the eye of the French since it does not shed much hair. If you are allergic to dogs, this hypoallergenic breed is the right fit for you.


An average miniature Poodle’s size is 11-15 inches.


Miniature Poodles weigh about 15-18 pounds.


Poodles originally come from Germany, where they were used for duck hunting. They were well suited for retrieving the dead birds that would often fall in ponds or shallow pools of water, owing to their intelligence and protective fur coat. These Poodles were also used in sporting clubs to assist in flushing the fowl out of the brush.


The friendly nature of these dogs caught the eye of the French elite. Consequently, Poodles became popular across Europe.

Magnificently elegant dogs, miniature Poodles are usually square-framed and generally very active. Besides their rounded skulls, they have a relatively straight muzzle. The oval and often brown or black eyes are set apart.


As typical with most dogs, their ears are long and flat and tend to remain pressed against the head.


This breed of poodles has fur that grows only as a single coat and is usually curly. Moreover, miniature Poodles have gained popularity as hypoallergenic dogs since they rarely shed their fur.


This breed is commonly found in multiple colors ranging from red, cream, black, silver, white, and blue. Furthermore, you can also find them in combinations of multiple colors.


Living Needs & Health Care
Since miniature Poodles do not shed as much fur, their coats need proper care and maintenance. Along with regular brushing at home, the dogs need to be taken to a professional groomer every 6 weeks.


To avoid ear infections, their ears need to be cleaned frequently. Additionally, it is advised to brush their teeth daily to combat any tartar build-up.


Exercise & Training
Miniature Poodles are generally very active and love going on walks. They must be engaged in some activity to keep them busy.


Moreover, training miniature Poodles is easy since they are joyful. They can be passed for clever dogs. They may get easily agitated if they are not made to exercise regularly and adequately.


A healthy diet for miniature Poodles is higher meat content with little grain content. Follow the higher meat content nutrition regardless of dry, wet, or raw food.


Till the age of 6 months, feed Miniature Poodles at least 3 times a day. As they grow older, 2 meals a day will suffice. Avoid pork from their diet at all costs.


Ensure that they consume plenty of water.


Miniature Poodles are faithful dogs that are known to be fiercely protective of their humans. Overall, these furballs are intelligent, good-natured, friendly, and athletic. They also happen to enjoy companionship and easily get along with everybody.


Fun Facts
⦁ Although Poodles are commonly associated with the French, they originated in Germany.
⦁ The modern-day symbol of sophistication, miniature Poodles, were initially used for duck hunting.
⦁ Unlike most dog breeds, Poodles have hair and not fur since they rarely shed it. To better explain it, hair does not fall, and fur sheds from time to time.