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Breed Information, Personality & Facts

Bernedoodles is a hybrid dog breed whose parent breeds are Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. It is considered a rare crossbreed dog that has imbibed the best traits from its parent breed.


All Bernedoodles usually grow to a good height and can grow up to 29 inches.


The average Bernedoodle weighs about 70-90 pounds.


Sherry Rupke of Swissridge Kennels bred the first Bernedoodles in 2003. The goal was to combine the Poodle’s bright and playful personality with the Bernese Mountain Dog’s unwavering loyalty.


Ever since then, it has been bred across the world in kennels or by licensed breeders. But it is noteworthy that it is a relatively scarce breed.

As one of the parent breeds of this canine is the Poodle, it can be found in a variety of different coat colors. The fur type (curly, medium curly, or straight) depends on the dominant parent gene.


Additionally, there are three different variants based on their size – tiny, miniature, and standard. The size of the Poodle parent, which could be a standard, miniature or toy, determines these sizes.


Nevertheless, Bernedoodles are usually furry and look super cute.


Living Needs & Health Care
As one of the parent breeds is the Poodle, Bernedoodles need a little more maintenance than other typical dog breeds. But you will not have to put in much effort in maintenance if you have had dogs before because you must be a pro now.


Talking about health, Bernedoodles are believed to be healthier than their parent dog breeds and rarely suffer from life-threatening diseases.


Exercise & Training
Regular walks or basic exercises should be enough, but you must keep it engaged if your dog is overweight.


Moreover, you won’t have to worry much because they are generally very clever and can be trained without any issue but make sure to start the training process early.


There is no hard and fast rule or diet set for Bernedoodles as they vary a lot in size, behavior, and activity levels. Moreover, as it is a relatively new breed, there isn’t much data to generalize their diet.


However, it is suggested that you give them food in medium quantities or experiment a bit to understand its requirement better. You can give both ready-made or home-cooked food to them, but ensure that it supplies all necessary nutrients.


Bernedoodles are known for being bright, loyal, and a little goofy. You can expect to have a great time with them. Additionally, they get along nicely with children and other dogs if they’ve been properly socialized.


Fun Facts
⦁ Bernedoodles don’t shed much and thus can be an excellent option for people who are allergic to dog hair.
⦁ They have a calm personality like the Bernese Mountain dogs.
⦁ They are one of the rarest crossbred dogs.
⦁ Bernedoodles can have a unique appearance, and their coat can have different color patches.
⦁ The rarest and most beautiful Bernedoodles’ coat color is merle.