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Breed Information, Personality & Facts

The Goldendoodles are a mix of the attractive Golden Retrievers and the loving Poodles. The breed is in high demand due to the availability of various coat types and soft toy-like appearance. If you prefer a friendly dog to accompany you on your evening strolls, this designer dog is a fantastic choice.


The size of Goldendoodles is 17-21 inches.


An average Goldendoodle weighs about 50-90 pounds.


The Goldendoodles emerged as the popularity of Labradoodles rose. Even though the origin of these beautiful breeds is not fully known, they are usually assumed to be a successor variety of the Labrador and Poodle. The main attraction point of this crossbreed is its furry coat and hypoallergenic feature.
With the rise in popularity, the Goldendoodle breed started getting more variety in their size, shape, and parental lineage.

The visual aspect of Goldendoodle depends on the mixture of Poodle and the dominance of their genes. Since Golden Retrievers are usually tall, the overall height and look get reduced due to the Poodle lineage.


On top of it, the Poodle genes decide even the coat color. As most Golden Retrievers are found in the shade of wheat or golden, the diversification in appearance is because of the blend of Poodle color variations.


Living Needs & Health Care
Goldendoodles are known to love daily physical activity. This breed cherishes both indoor and outdoor time. Your pup can live comfortably in your apartment as well.


These canines flourish the most when the owners include regular training in their routine.


Goldendoodles are social dogs, so they love interactive time with their fellow dog-mates. Since these dogs prefer company, you mustn’t let them stay alone.


After all, you will not your cute puppy to get bored at home.


To keep their coats healthy, they require regular brushing and trimming. Besides, to keep your pups in the best shape, you must include regular vet visits to ensure their health.


Exercise & Training
Daily play and regular fetch sessions keep your Goldendoodle healthy and alert. Essentially, these dogs crave and cherish physical activity. To maintain optimum health, you can include basic exercises in the pups’ day-to-day schedule, from swimming to running.


Moreover, these dogs thrive with positive reinforcements, which you can provide through consistent training.


For Goldendoodles, a structured meal plan works the best. Providing food at regular intervals ensures that they receive the essential nutrients without developing obesity.


You must ensure that you provide raw and natural sources to them because of their ‘wolf’ heritage.


In addition, you must also check that your dog gets proper protein consumption for good muscle strength and hair health.


You can expect your Goldendoodle to behave like a gentle pet irrespective of the age of the person they’re interacting with. With a Golden Retriever as one of the parents, these pets’ friendly and affectionate nature makes them a perfect family addition. On top of it, they’re clever enough to learn every command and technique that their owner trains them for.


Fun Facts
⦁ Samson, a Goldendoodle, is a celebrity dog with more than 1 million followers on Instagram.
⦁ Monica Dickens, the granddaughter of Charles Dickens, is believed to have bred the first hybrid between a Poodle and Golden Retriever in 1969.