Standard Poodle

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Standard Poodle

Breed Information, Personality & Facts

Poodles are fun-loving canines that are one of the most loved dog breeds in the world. It is a breed that requires an abundant amount of care, maintenance, and affection.


Poodles can be great family pets despite their reputation as luxury dogs and are pretty intelligent.


Poodles are designer dogs that can grow up to 24 inches in height. But the height will be dependent on the type (standard, medium, or miniature) of the Poodle you are adopting.


Please note that the standard Poodle can grow up to 24 inches, medium up to 18 inches and miniature up to 11 inches.


Poodles can weigh up to 70 pounds and much like the height, weight is also dependent on the type of Poodle you are adopting. A standard poodle will weigh about 70-71 pounds, medium up to 42 pounds, and miniature up to 31 pounds.


There are many speculations around the origination of the Poodle dog breed; some say it was developed in Germany, and others say it is a result of crosses between European water dogs.


At the same time, some other historians believe that North African Barbet is one of the Poodle’s ancestors.


Nevertheless, this dog breed has gained popularity as a luxury dog around the globe now.

Poodles all have the same square shape, with a long, beautiful neck and a straight back. The curly coat, long pointed nose, and small black eyes distinguish Poodles.


Poodle coats are frizzy by nature and have a rough feel. The coat color can vary anywhere between black, apricot, cream, white and gray. Additionally, the tail is short.


Living Needs & Health Care
Being a luxury dog, which could be found in multiple light colors, a Poodle needs proper grooming and care. Apart from grooming needs, Poodles can be maintained like other typical dog breeds.


You breathe a sigh of relief about health because Poodles generally stay healthy. However, your dog might suffer from normal health issues if you don’t take care properly.


Exercise & Training
This energetic breed requires daily exercise. You should regularly take your dog for walks or play with it in your backyard.


Poodles are also highly intelligent; therefore, training them isn’t difficult. However, if you put off training, you may wind up with a grouchy and difficult-to-control dog.


Poodles require a well-balanced diet rich in both proteins and fiber. You can either feed it three cups of dry dog food every day or cook meat for it.


Poodles are friendly dogs that are a package of fun, loyalty, and intelligence. They have good grasping skills and easily comprehend their owner’s commands. Poodles stay alert and can protect their owners if they sense danger.


They are also suitable for families that have children.


Fun Facts
⦁ In the case of Poodles, apricot coat coloration is rarest of all.
⦁ Initially, they were bred as duck hunting dogs.
⦁ The fur of Poodles never stops growing; you will have to clip it manually.
⦁ Poodles are France’s national dog.